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The Max Fennell Story

Max Fennell is a driven entrepreneur and professional triathlete based out of the Bay Area. Having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at a young age, Max took to competitive sports as a way of actively expressing himself and where his attention could truly be focused. Always playing at the highest level regardless of sport and accumulating numerous awards and records; after two years of playing college soccer Max had made the decision to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. In 2011 two weeks before tryouts for a semi-professional team, Max suffered what some may consider a career ending injury, spraining his MCL in a pick up soccer game and ending all hopes of playing soccer ever again.

Confused and lost with what direction to steer his life, Max met a man by the name of Brian Sullivan, while working at a local coffee shop in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Brian suggested he compete in a local Triathlon, now Tri Rock Philadelphia, and lent him an old triathlon bike made by Elite Bicycles. Under the guidance and support of Brian, Max ended up placing 7th in the race and Max decided he should continue with triathlons to see where it might take him. Brian mentored Max the rest of his first season to podium in four of his six races and ended his first season with an age group win.

Max qualified for his pro card late in his fourth season in 2014 becoming the First African American Professional Triathlete!

"That is why I tri, I remind myself that it is possible to achieve whatever it is I desire, no matter what I face, nothing compares to the voice inside my head telling me to give up on myself. It is silenced by my action, my positive thoughts and my encouragement that what I am enduring now will pass and I will always TRY to be more than what I tell myself I can’t be." –Max Fennell



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